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Meet Our Agents: Melissa, Ruth, Gloria (Owner), Laurie, and Beverly.

Our Mission

Our agency was established in April of 2018 by Gloria Castro. Gloria has been working in the small business insurance/bond sector for over a decade. Hers and her teams priority is to make sure your business has the appropriate coverage to get back on track if tragedy was to strike. The last thing any business needs is to suffer a loss and be unable to come back from it. That's where our services come in. Our agency specializes in business insurance and bonds for all company types. We have a dedicated team of commercial agents that work around the clock to make sure you can add your new work van to your commercial auto policy, or obtain a certificate of insurance for a new client in a timely manner. Whatever the need, you can count on us being able to help! If you have the moment, you can request a quote right on our website and an agent will call you with an approved quote. Its east, fast, and FREE! Let us help you maintain peace of mind so you can grow your business and be confident you're adequately insured.

Our agents are all bilingual (English and Spanish), don't wait, call today! 360-812-6466

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